Action Figure Maniac Reviews: QMx: 1/6 Scale Master Series: Star Trek: Spock

1/6 Scale Master Series: Star Trek: Spock
Retail: $179.99 @

After an awesome review of QMx’s Captain Kirk, we are going to take a look at their Master Series Spock figure. Like with Kirk, I’m fairly amazed!

Spock comes in the same style book-type, window box that Kirk comes in. It has a magnetic front flap that, when opened, reveals a picture of Spock and the figure itself. The figure is beautifully displayed and is surrounded by a few of the great accessories he comes with.


I can’t say much more about Spock that I didn’t say about Kirk. He is absolutely stunning! They even got the green-ish skin tone down. This was quite evident when I accidentally mixed one of Spock’s hands for Kirk’s.


The articulation is quite amazing! He has 25 points:

  • Ball-and-socket joint at the neck (x1)
  • Ball-and-socket joints at each shoulder (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each shoulder (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each elbow (x4)
  • Swivel hinges at each wrist (x2)
  • Swivel hinge at each wrist (x2)
  • Ball-and-socket joint at mid-torso (x1)
  • Swivel hinge joint at the waist (x1)
  • Ball-and-socket joints at each hip (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each knee (x4)
  • Swivel joints at mid-calf (x2)
  • Ball-and-socket joint at each ankle (x2)

The accessories rock as well! He comes with nine extra hands (including Vulcan neck pinch and Vulcan salute!!), a phaser, a communicator, a tricorder, a stand, and an away mission belt.


As with Kirk, the communicator and phaser have functional features. The communicator opens and the phaser splits into Type 1 and 2 components (it connects via magnets)! Again, the communicator antenna is very delicate and requires a soft touch.


The best of these accessories is the tricorder. The lid flips up and the disc compartment opens. The lid is very difficult to open, so be careful.


I had a lot of fun equipping Spock with all of his stuff!


The cool thing about the phaser and the communicator is that they will attach magnetically to Spock’s and Kirk’s waists (I missed this feature on the review of Kirk) and to the away mission belt.


Spock looks amazing next to Kirk and the extra hands provide some cool interaction between the two.



  • Playability – 5 out of 5. There is so much play-ability here! Just look at the interaction photos!
  • Packaging¬† – 5 out of 5. The book-type window box is quite stunning and displayable.
  • Paint and Sculpt – 5 out of 5. QMx has another winner on their hands! The sculpt is perfect and the green tint to the skin is done well.
  • Standability – 5 out of 5. Standing is a problem here. You know I like articulated ankles! With the included stand, I am quite happy!
  • Articulation – 5 out of 5. Home run here too! 25 points is a good number and many of the joints allow for movement in multiple planes.
  • Accessories – 5 out of 5. Kirk’s were good, Spock’s are better! The addition of the tricorder and extra Spock-specific hands is sweet!
  • Affordability – 4 out of 5. Again, how do you score affordability vs. worth. Is he worth every penny of $180, of course he is. Would the average Joe be comfortable with it? Perhaps not.

Overall impression: .34 out of 35. QMx has me hooked! If I could give them 5 out of 5, I would! I can’t wait to see the next wave of these amazing figures!






** Star Trek is owned by CBS and Paramount. These images are for hobby only. Also, the background images were found on the internet. If one of the images belongs to you, I will gladly give credit.

Action Figure Maniac Reviews: QMx: 1/6 Scale Master Series: Star Trek: Spock