Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Hasbro: Marvel Legends: Toys R Us Exclusive: Guardians of the Galaxy v.2: Evolution of Groot Figure

Marvel Legends: Toys R Us Exclusive: Evolution of Groot
Retail: $15.99 @ Toys R Us

What Can I say about GotG’s Groot? He is tall, he is strong, he is intimidating … he’s a tree. He’s the most lovable tree in the galaxy though!

The collect-and-connect Groot from GotG v.1 was impressive and, while the changes are fairly limited, you are going love Groot v.2. He’s a great looking figure!

He comes packaged in a great looking window-box where the figure is prominently displayed along with two versions of baby Groot.


If it seems like Groot isn’t quite tall enough, you are right. He comes packaged with his lower legs detached. Attaching them is as easy as matching up the wood patterns on the upper legs to those on the lower legs and snapping them into place.


Groot is rather nice looking! There are a lot of woody, viney details throughout the figure’s sculpt.


“But what about articulation?” Oh, it’s there and it’s quite nice. He has 18 points altogether, but the fact that most joints have multiple functions makes him really functional.

  • Ball-and-socket joint at the neck (x1)
  • Swivel hinges at each shoulder (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each shoulder (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each elbow (x4)
  • Swivel hinges at each wrist (x2)
  • Ball-and-socket joint at mid-torso (x1)
  • Swivel hinges at each hip (x2)
  • Swivel hinges at each knee (x2)
  • Swivel hinges at each ankle (x2)


“Accessories?” There aren’t mini. Did you see what I did there? The only accessories are the two baby Groot figures, but they are frickin’ adorable!


“How does he compare to v.1 Groot?” He is quite similar to the original collect-and-connect figure. The color is a bit different. You will find he is a lighter brown with hints of green, especially around the chest.


The biggest difference is the face and head. v.2 Groot is more expressive. His eyes are vivid. They are sculpted and painted gold with a small back dot in each one. He has a very Groot-ish smile as well. There are also some slight differences to the crown on his head.



  • Playability – 5 out of 5. He’s a great poseable figure that is ready to rush into battle with the other Guardians to save the galaxy!
  • Packaging¬† – 5 out of 5. The window-box packaging is quite attractive and the figures are nicely visible.
  • Paint and Sculpt – 5 out of 5. I think the eyes and the new expressive face make this a home run!
  • Standability – 4 out of 5. I was able to do some nice poses, but standing straight up, he’s a little top heavy.
  • Articulation – 5 out of 5. He only has 18 points, but the majority are multi-functional making him quite poseable.
  • Accessories – 5 out of 5. Two baby Grooooooooots!
  • Affordability – 5 out of 5. $15.99 is an amazing price for this guy!

Overall impression: .34 out of 35. Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Evolution of Groot figure is fantastic! He is playable, affordable, and well done! I recommend him for all the geeks and Guardians in your life!


** Groot and Guardians of the Galaxy are owned by Marvel and Disney. These images are for hobby only. Also, the background images were found on the internet. If one of the images belongs to you, I will gladly give credit.

Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Hasbro: Marvel Legends: Toys R Us Exclusive: Guardians of the Galaxy v.2: Evolution of Groot Figure