Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Mattel: Batman v Superman: 6 Inch Aquaman

DC Comics Multiverse: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: 6 Inch Aquaman
Retail: $19.99 @ Target

It seems all of my lamenting about not being able to find Mattel’s Batman v Superman 6 inch Aquaman was for nothing! I found him, and then I found him again, and again. He’s everywhere now!

Aquaman comes in the second wave of 6 inch BvS figures from Mattel. The other two are ‘Nightmare’ Batman and Lex Luthor.

As with the others, Aquaman comes in a fairly attractive window box. The only difference between the package from this series and the first is the inclusion of the new wave of figures on the back of the packaging. We also get teased with a yet-to-be-revealed 8th figure in the line. The silhouette is very reminiscent of Superman.


Aquaman is easily a diamond-in -the-rough in this line. Although he had little actual screen time, Mattel put a lot of effort into him. He has a great likeness to Jason Momoa, including the scar in his left eyebrow.


Again, we get a lot of detail on the body of this figure. The tattoos look really solid and all of the gold armor looks good. Weird fact: I am obsessed with the stitching on the inside of his gauntlets.


He has 20 points of articulation:

  • Ball-and-socket joint at the neck (x1)
  • Rotating hinges at each shoulder (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each bicep (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each elbow (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each wrist (x2)
  • Swivel joint at the waist (x1)
  • Swivel joints at each hip (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each hip (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each thigh (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each knee (x2)
  • Hinges at each ankle (x2)

The bits of disappointment with the articulation have been seen in other figures in the series: neck is hard to articulate because of the solidly sculpted hair, no mid-torso articulation (he’s a swimmer for goodness sake!), and no rocker ankles.


Compared to the others, he looks really cool. Seeing them together makes me excited to see what the team looks like in the Justice League movie.


He comes with his trident, which is silver, not gold, and with two articulating grapnel hooks for the collect & connect piece.



  • Playability – 4 out of 5. He’s a good looking figure. A bit more articulation would make him a perfect play piece.
  • Packaging¬† – 4 out of 5. I’m still disappointed that we don’t get some type of character bio, but it looks really nice.
  • Paint and Sculpt – 5 out of 5. Home run for Mattel on this one! He looks like Momoa and all the tattoos are cool. He is a little hunch-backed, but I can overlook it.
  • Standability – 4 out of 5. No rocker ankles means that truly dynamic poses are difficult, but he still stands well enough.
  • Articulation – 3 out of 5. Missed some points here for the ankles, torso, and hair – although his neck is more forgiving than Wonder Woman’s.
  • Accessories – 1 out of 5. He has an accessory! Yes! But it’s silver! Dang! I feel better about completing the grapnel now, but it adds no true value to the figure in my opinion.
  • Affordability – 5 out of 5. $19.99 works well here. He is very affordable for collectors and fans alike.

Overall impression: 26 out of 35. Not bad, not bad at all! I like this figure a lot! If it weren’t for the points off on accessories and articulation, he would have made one of my top figures lately. I wish Mattel had taken him to the next level, but he’s still a great figure!


And just because I was getting creative:



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Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Mattel: Batman v Superman: 6 Inch Aquaman