Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Mattel: DC Comics Multiverse: Batman v Superman: 6 Inch Superman

DC Comics Multiverse: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice: 6 Inch Superman
Retail: $19.97 @ Walmart

Well, Batman v Superman has been out in theaters for over a week now. The reviews have been mixed, and so have my reviews of Mattel’s 6 inch movie figures.

Up next is the 6 inch Superman figure. He is one of the first four figures released. The others are Wonder Woman, Batman, and Armored Batman

The window box these figures come packaged in is fairly nice. Superman is very visible in the center of the window. The back shows us the collect & connect Batman grapnel gun and the other figures in the series. One the side, we get a nice picture of Superman and a movie synopsis.


Superman looks quite nice, but for some reason, Mattel cannot get Cavill’s face correct. He looks squished up.


They do add a lot of detail to his costume though. There is texture everywhere and the details on his belt, flanks, wrists and boots are well done.


He has 20 points of articulation:

  • Ball-and-socket joint at the neck (x1)
  • Rotating hinges at each shoulder (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each bicep (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each elbow (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each wrist (x2)
  • Swivel joint at the waist (x1)
  • Swivel joints at each hip (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each hip (x2)
  • Swivel joints at each thigh (x2)
  • Hinge joints at each knee (x2)
  • Hinges at each ankle (x2)

I don’t understand why, when Superman is a flying character, he didn’t get mid-torso articulation. It would have made for better flight poses. As with the other figures in the line, there is no rocker ankle. I can get some dynamic poses, but not as good as I would have gotten with the rocker.


The trinity looks quite amazing all together.


There are no character specific accessories, which is a bummer. He does come with the pistol grip for the collect & connect grapnel.



  • Playability – 3 out of 5. I really like the feel of this figure and he is one of my favorite DC characters. That said, a figure alone, does not make a very playable figure. Some sort of accessories would have been nice and limitations in the articulation are a little disappointing.
  • Packaging (formerly Collectability) – 4 out of 5. My only complaint about the the packaging is there is no bio. It is very displayable and quite attractive otherwise.
  • Paint and Sculpt – 3 out of 5. I love all the little details on the costume, but Mattel can’t seem to get a good sculpt of Cavill as Superman.
  • Standability – 4 out of 5. He stands pretty well, and, in a weird shift, the cape actually helps with some poses on this figure.
  • Articulation – 3 out of 5. 20 points is really nice, but without rocker ankles and a mid-torso articulation (which is more appropriate here than on Batman), I can’t get too excited.
  • Accessories – 0 out of 5. Another miss for Mattel. I am less concerned about finishing the collect & connect now, but it adds nothing to the figure itself.
  • Affordability – 5 out of 5. $19.99 is a good price point. He is affordable for collectors and casual fans alike.

Overall impression: 22 out of 35. Another low score for this line of figures. I really love Superman, and this figure isn’t horrible by any means. There just seems to be a lack of going the extra mile to make these knock-out figures. He does look awesome with the others and will make a decent addition to a collection.




** Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and all related characters belong to DC Comics. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is owned by Warner Brothers. These images are for hobby only. Also, the background images were found on the internet. If one of the images belongs to you, I will gladly give credit.

Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Mattel: DC Comics Multiverse: Batman v Superman: 6 Inch Superman

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