Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Eaglemoss: Star Trek: Borg Cube

Star Trek: Borg Cube
Retail: Varied, Secondary Market

Eaglemoss has been wowing me with their Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. The detail and selection are amazing! I never thought we’d get a collection of Star Trek ships so vast.

One of their offerings is the Borg Cube! It was offered as a premium subscription gift. There are two version: UK release and Japanese release. This review is for the UK version.

You won’t see pictures of packaging here. It was a simple white box and I couldn’t see myself taking photos of a white box. That would be ludicrous.

Out of the box, the Cube is fairly nice looking. It has grey panels with sections cut out that display white backgrounds. The white sections are a bit disappointing, but they do have a purpose.


When the Borg Cube is turned on, it has a really cool light-up feature.


The panels are a bit flimsy, but when I picked up the Enterprise-D for comparison photos, I was reminded that many of the ships have light, flimsy plastic sections. I was afraid to apply too much pressure when unscrewing the battery cover none-the-less.


There is no true scale in this line, but the Cube is quite a bit larger than the Ent-D.


  • Playability – 5 out of 5. This has play written all over it, despite it being a collector’s piece.
  • Collectibility – 3 out of 5. The plain, white box packaging is disappointing. The other ships come in nice display boxes. That said, this is an exclusive offering and I had to find mine on eBay.
  • Paint Applications – 3 out of 5. The grey is appropriate, but there is no shading or variation. They could have made the paint apps a little more dynamic. The white, cut-out sections are distracting when the Cube is off, but are brilliant when on.
  • Standability – 4 out of 5. It’s a cube, it stands well. Ha! A stand would have given this a boost though.
  • Articulation – N/A
  • Accessories – N/A
  • Affordability – 3 out of 5. This is, for non-UK customers, a secondary market item. I found the price I paid affordable, but you may not.

Overall impression: 18 out of 25. Eaglemoss’s Borg Cube is a nice piece. There could have been some improvements, but the lights make it a really cool display when turned on. Collectors will be pleased.


** Star Trek and related characters belong to CBS and Paramount. These images are for hobby only. Also, the background images were found on the internet. If one of the images belongs to you, I will gladly give credit.

Action Figure Maniac Reviews: Eaglemoss: Star Trek: Borg Cube

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